About Us

 Atlantis Fish Shoppe opened in Clawson in 2003 and has helped countless aquarists get into the hobby and keep healthy and happy tanks. Started by Dean Zesses, the shop has grown under his depth of knowledge of the aquarium hobby. Having kept freshwater fish all his life and saltwater fish for over 30 years, Dean has learned a thing or two and loves to help new and expert hobbyists with everything he’s learned. 


 Dean has over 30 years experience with saltwater fish and a lifetime of freshwater experience. With Atlantis Fish Shoppe open for going on twenty years, you can rest assured Dean and his team has seen it all and can help with anything for your aquarium supply needs.

Fish Store Vision

 The love of helping others in such a great hobby is the premise of what started Atlantis Fish Shoppe. Through adversity: an economic downturn, a fire and more, Dean has led the fish store through it all and loves it. You won’t find someone more passionate about the hobby. 


 Opened in Clawson in 2003, Atlantis Fish Shoppe has been a metro Detroit staple and a proud member of Clawson’s downtown area since it’s creation. Small-business owned and run, Dean shares his passion and expertise with fellow Michiganders throughout the Detroit area.